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In Debt Over Your Head?

Don't Worry...Your Debts Could Make You Rich!

John Cummuta
Author of the World's Bestselling Personal Debt Elimination Program

Re: Don't make another payment until you see this information

I should have seen it coming.

Every day I dressed myself in clothes I paid for with credit cards. Walk on financed carpet in our mortgaged house, and even drove a leased car into work.

What's really crazy is...I actually believed it was all mine.

Until one day when the company I worked for went under and I found myself scrambling just to keep from losing it all.

That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks: the house, the car, the furniture...none of it was mine. As long as I owed people money—they owned me.

I was a prisoner of debt. And, I had to find a way out.

But this is the strange part.

In the process, I developed a unique method that actually transforms debt into wealth. So much wealth, that almost anyone who uses it can be a millionaire by the time they retire.

It's fast! Easy! And works with any income level.

The really exciting part is you can do it using nothing more than the money you're currently earning.

Imagine being able to make your debts disappear (even your home mortgage) in 5-7 years...and then creating so much wealth you're able to retire a debt-free millionaire.

Best of all, this isn't rocket science. That's why over 2 million people in almost every and town in America have requested my Debt To Wealth® strategies to eliminate their debt! In fact, it works so well it's now Nightingale-Conant's bestselling personal debt-elimination program.

I feel deeply that America needs my debt saving and wealth producing recipes today more than ever. I have seen them change lives, no matter where they are financially. Often, random people in the streets, from my audiences, and friends and neighbors will come up to me often and say something like,

"John how do I know your program can work for me in my particular situation? If I had certainty that your program works, I would get started right now! Nothing would stop me because I know what it would mean to my family and my future."

Comments like these have always been in the back of my mind but especially lately -when people need my program now more than ever - I have struggled with how I instill confidence in their souls and get them jump started to take action toward a debt free life...and it finally hit me. I know what I can do to help you and it is a bit daring on my part...keep reading and I will explain more towards the end of this letter... You will like my offer, and I promise you will not want to miss it.

You can stop being a prisoner of debt. Discover how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you own your car, your house, and everything in it. Let's have a straight talk about how you get from where you are to where you want to be.

I did it so can you.

Turn you debts into wealth and never worry about money again.

John Cummuta

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I mean seriously... "How do I get out of debt and start building wealth?"

How can I save any money with all this debt hanging over my head? How can I get some peace of mind back in my life and get back on my feet? How will I ever be able to save for my retirement when I've wasted so much money getting into debt and then trying to pay back my creditors? Why did I buy so much stuff I don't even use anymore?


If it're not alone. In fact most of the people you know and deal with on a daily basis struggle with this same dilemma:

How can I eliminate my debt and ALL the stress that comes with it? And secondly: How can I actually save my money and build up a substantial amount of wealth BEFORE I retire?

BEFORE you can build up personal wealth you must eliminate your debts.

If this is something your heart yearns for but you haven't been able to accomplish yet, I strongly encourage you to listen to what I have to say. I have the HONEST, responsible, solution you've been searching for.


You can't get out of debt because the credit card companies don't want you to.

That's right. They just won't let you!

They've got a slick system that keeps you in debt until you're old and gray. It's great for them, but bad for you. Well I've got a program that destroys debt, and I can show you how.

It doesn't matter how much money you make, or how much debt you have. My program doesn't consolidate your debt, it eliminates it.

"At the time I found your program, was actively contemplating bankruptcy. Now, two years later, I've paid off four credit cards, the car, 1 personal loan, and am working on the last credit card and loan. In another six months there should be nothing left but the mortgage!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Sue Staley
Milboro, VA


Hi, my name is John Cummuta, and I want to help you own your life instead of wasting all your energy and money renting a lifestyle. There's a huge difference.

If you are like most Americans, you have probably painted yourself into a financial corner with a 30 year mortgage, student loans, car loans, multiple credit cards, and even possibly a 2nd mortgage.

You are likely living from check to check and renting many of the clothes and toys you just "have to have." And what's even more discouraging is that you will never get out of this quagmire in time to enjoy life if you ever get out at all.

I understand why and how you got yourself in this situation. I was once there myself. I was miserable. I know how stressful life can be when you're deep in debt. I'm sorry that you're going through this right now and I want so desperately to help you get out of this awful situation. Please listen as I show you the way to a debt free life, peace of mind, and likely even abundant wealth.

You are likely reading this for a reason. I don't believe in chance anymore.


Burdens caused by my debt

95% of Americans live in debt.

Less than 5% of Americans actually retire financially independent. There is a reason we admire those who are able to live a life free of debt; they are a rare breed. I want to show you a simple, Step-By-Step Process for eliminating your debt.

Step One:

Take out a piece of paper and list all the burdens of debt:

Typical items listed here are things like "un-needed stress" and "financial insecurity" or "I have to stay at a job that I hate" or "my wife has to work instead of being home with the kids."

Whatever your debt burdens, take a moment and list them all.


If you are currently in debt and have been honest with yourself, Step One was probably a bit of a reality check. Don't worry, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. In fact, it's almost impossible for you to progress through the next steps if you haven't faced the cold hard facts of what debt has really cost you.


How would you like to own everything in your life? Your home, your cars, your furniture...everything? How would you like to have no debt payments, no mortgage or rent payment, no car loan or lease payments, no credit card payments, no debt payments of any kind?

And how would you like to be rapidly building your wealth from the first month?

Sound like a dream?

Well it's a dream that's coming true for more than a million people all over the world, because they learned the principles taught in my Debt To Wealth® program.


Benefits of being debt free

With John Cummuta's Debt To Wealth® program:

A typical $60,000 annual income household with $151,639 in total debt, including their mortgage, could be completely debt free, owning their home, two cars, and everything else in their lives in just 5 years 9 months!

Step Two:

Take out another piece of paper and list all the benefits of being completely debt free:

Typical items listed here are things like "more free time to spend with family" and "financial security" or "I can more easily make a career change" or "I own my home and everything in it." Take a moment and list all the benefits of being out of debt.


DEBT FREE in 5 to 7 years? How is that possible?

Here's an example: $2,000 credit card balance; $50 min. payment; 18% interest rate.

Applying an additional $50 a month to this debt pays it off in 24 months and you would save $1,985 in interest. You would need to get a 49.5% equivalent rate of return on an investment in order to generate the same $1,985 in 24 months with just a $50 a month investment.

If you applied $100 additional to the same debt, it would be paid off in 15 months and you would save $2,268. This is a 67.9% equivalent rate of return!

Debt To Wealth

(including your home)!

That's right! Using nothing more than the money you already bring home. And you'll actually begin building significant, net-worth-measured wealth from the first month you put my debt elimination/wealth building program to work. It's called Debt To Wealth®, and it's Nightingale-Conant's #1 Best Seller, and has been for more than five years now.

So far I've taught more than a million people, one way or another, on four continents.

And the remarkable thing is that consumers all around the globe are in similar positions. They've been sold the lie that living a debt-fueled lifestyle is the best way to "enjoy success." But what they've come to realize, at one point or another in their journey, is that they're being used to make their lenders rich...instead of themselves.

"I am happy to report that I did continue the principles, and finally was debt free a year ago. This has certainly been of help recently as I was laid off last month, so not having a mortgage and loans to pay has eased the stress. Thanks for a great program!"

Paul Joyce
Keller, TX


The fact is that it doesn't make much difference what your income level and debt level are, because the two numbers are proportionate --- meaning that, if you have a large income, you'll be granted enough credit to build up a large debt load. Conversely, if you have a smaller income, you'll only be granted a proportionately smaller total debt load. The good news is that this ratio of your debts to your income means the Debt To Wealth® program can usually help you pay off your debts with your income in around 5 to 7 years.


What are my debts?

The average American household is in debt over 2 and 1/2 times it's annual income!

A typical $100,000 annual income house hold with $262,060 in total debt, including their mortgage, could be completely debt-free, owning their home, two cars, and everything else in their lives in just 6 years 5 months!

Step Three:

Take out another piece of paper and list all your debts:

Typical items listed here are things like "mortgage" and "car loans" or "credit cards" and "dept. store credit."

Take a moment and list all the things you have acquired in debt.


Compare your information to see just how fast you can be out of debt!*

(The average family can pay off debts that are 2 1/2 times their annual income in 5-7 years!*)

"...I should be out of debt in three to three and a half years, instead of thirteen, at which time I'd be 64."

-Tim Newman

"I never imagined that a $10,000 debt could be paid off in 2 years."

-Linda F. Williams

"This program is so simple it's unbelievable! We've already paid off the first bill (after just five days), and will have $77,000 in bills paid off in less than four years...."

-Bonnie Bowles

*Results are based on a national average of people who have participated in the Debt To Wealth® program and are not a guarantee. Participants must purchase the program in order to calculate their own specific out of debt date for themselves - and then follow the program exactly as outlined in order to ensure it's success.


I've taught this program around the world. I've also shared the platform with many notable speakers, teaching the Debt To Wealth® program to thousands of debt-laden hard workers just like you.


Albert Einstein said the most powerful invention he ever saw was "compound interest." Those that understand it, earn it. Those that don't, pay it.

I'm going to help you truly understand it in every financial decision you will ever encounter for the rest of your life starting with your debt and then moving to your wealth!

With the Debt To Wealth® program, I will walk you through a series of steps that will truly change your life. You will learn how to avoid falling into debt again -- and then you will start building wealth...I mean real wealth!

"According to your plan, we should be out from under $164,000 of debt in about 4 years just with my husband's income! Every day we 'find' more income to add to the priority margin chipping away at that 4 year figure, and WE'RE EXCITED!"

Thank You John!
Rick & Marcie Palmer


My Debt To Wealth® program will walk you through a step-by step process that will change your life forever. I promise.

I can say that because I know for a fact it works.

I have experienced it in my own life and I've witnessed it in the lives of thousands of others who have purchased this program, followed the steps, got out of debt, and built up savings, retirement, and investment portfolios they never thought possible.

I have seen families strengthened because they were free from the perils of debt.

I have witnessed marriages saved because couples chose to follow these steps.

I have observed grandparents get out of debt and provide a suitable retirement for themselves.

I have heard literally hundreds, if not thousands, of testimonies from people who have completely changed their lives just by getting totally out of debt after they used my program. But again, I don't need testimonials to know that it works...I experienced it for myself firsthand and that was all I needed.

I know it sounds a little cheesy, but I don't care about the money I have made from teaching this Debt To Wealth® program (and YES, I have made a lot of money because of it - which is OK because I'm offering a product of such immense value for so little) what I really want is for all those people who are suffering because of their choices to get into debt to finally take control of their lives and enjoy all the blessings that come with a debt free and prosperous life.


Well my first response to that is: "Knowledge, Power, and Money." Which, if you think about it, is absolutely true. But, let's get a little more specific and break down everything you will receive in the Debt to Wealth™ Program:

The Welcome Kit

First you get the Debt to Wealth™ Welcome Kit. This includes the following items:

  1. An Introductory Letter from me
  2. A Quick Start Welcome Video where I walk you through each part of the entire program
  3. A Commitment Certificate you will sign and date as you begin the program
  4. The 14 Day Challenge designed to give you a focused approach and a strong start as you begin the program. It also includes three additional virtual advisor videos where I give you specific advice and encouragement during your first two weeks.

The Debt to Wealth™ Three-Part Online Video & Audio Course

This is the heart and soul of the program. In these three modules you will discover the Debt to Wealth™ System and learn how to calculate and create your personal debt elimination plan.

In addition to each of the video segments, you will also receive an audio version of each of the sessions to help you reinforce the lessons.

Here's what the Debt to Wealth™ program will cover:

Module One: The Trouble With Debt

  1. The Five Crushing Outcomes of Being in Debt
  2. The Shocking Truth About Mortgages
  3. The Five Surprising Ways Debt Damages Your Life
  4. The Truth About Credit Cards They Don't Want You to Know
  5. How Your Car Payment Could Rob You of Millions

Module Two: The Coalition of Four

  1. The Explanation of the Coalition of Four-Who They Are...And...What They're Doing to Rob You of Your Financial Future
  2. The Real Reason Most People Will NEVER be rich
  3. How The Coalition Uses Our Weaknesses Against Us
  4. Why A Consumer Mindset Actually Destroys Wealth
  5. Revealed! The Monthly Payment Trap!
  6. The Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt

Module Three: The Debt to Wealth™ Solution

  1. Stage One: How to Operate 100% On Cash
  2. Stage Two: How to Quickly Begin Building Wealth By Paying Off ALL Debts (including any mortgages)!
  3. Stage Three: How to Focus ALL Available Cash On Long-Term Wealth Building!
  4. How to Harness The Power of the Cascading Debt-Elimination System™
  5. The Six Steps To Totally Redesigning Your Life!

The Debt to Wealth™ Companion e-Workbook

This workbook contains the written lessons that complement what you will be learning in the three video course lessons. It includes strategies, tips, action steps and the actual forms you will use throughout the three video lessons to calculate your own debt elimination plan.

Ten Keys to Staying on Track with Your Debt to Wealth Plan Audio

In this exciting audio session I'll act as your personal financial trainer and give you 10 insights designed to keep your eyes on the prize of complete financial freedom! Actually, these 10 keys will help you better achieve ANY goal in your life. Listening to this audio will help you stay motivated!

Bonus #1: Secrets, Myths and Realities of Financial Independence

In this downloadable ebook, I'll explain what financial strategies and tactics will work; which ones won't; and, which ones are FLAT OUT Lies! After reading this you'll be able to avoid a lot of the financial potholes most people encounter.

Bonus #2: Jump Start Your Credit Status

In this downloadable ebook, I'll show you how and why you'll be completely rebuilding your FICO credit score, while you're following the Debt to Wealth™ program and paying off all your debts.

Bonus #3: The Trend Tracker

In this downloadable ebook, I'll explain what is happening in the economy, stock market, real estate markets, employment, lending and every area where the trends can affect your finances. And then I'll tell you exactly how to respond to these trends in light of the Debt to Wealth™ plan you are following.

My Life's Work – Is Yours.

Folks, this has been my life's work to give everyday hard working people (many are my family and friends) a realistic and doable plan with the ideal tools to get what you want and need...Financial control and a plan to create wealth. I have perfected this system over the last many, many years to be exactly what you need in your hands at this point in your life. I promise it is.

I could do a song and dance (but that is not my personality or my talent) about how much I've marked it down and all that smoke and mirrors garbage but that's exactly the stuff I want you to avoid in the future! From now on I want you to make all of your financial decisions based on NEED and VALUE only!

So here is my daring idea I was telling you about at the top of this page. This is a bold move on my part but it SHOWS that I know my system works and plus it is 100% risk free for anyone who is ready to follow my step-by-step program... Remember, this is for anyone who is asking:

"John how do I know your program can work for me in my particular situation? If I had certainty that your program works, I would get started right now! Nothing would stop me because I know what it would mean to my family and my future."

So here is my answer...

Exclusive and Never Before Offered (for a limited time):

I know I am taking a risk, BUT I believe so strongly that the moment you get your hands on my Debt to Wealth program your fears will melt away and you will be infused with a new sense of purpose, confidence and motivation to change your financial life, forever. How confident am I that this will work for you...?

I am going to give cash to anyone who buys my Debt to Wealth program. In fact, I will match you dollar for dollar. I call this my "Show Me Debt to Wealth" cash rebate program. The entire Debt to Wealth program is yours to see with your own eyes. Try it, pick it apart, put it to the test. Gain the confidence that this is exactly what you need to start transforming your debts into wealth today, like millions of others.

I'm so confident that my program will turn your life around financially that the entire program is yours for just $39.95 (worth over $300) and when you buy, I'll send you $30 back just for taking part in this "Show Me Debt to Wealth" cash rebate program.

Now, I'll take this one step further to make sure you know how confident I am that my program can change your life. After you have paid the $39.95 and received your $30 rebate, if you for some crazy reason don't feel like my program is transforming your life, just call my friendly staff within 365 days and they will refund your entire payment. You heard me right, if for ANY REASON, you do not feel like my Debt to Wealth program is everything you had hoped, no problem, just call my friendly staff within 1 year and they will make sure your entire payment is refunded. You have no risk. Simple enough?

I would be a complete idiot to do something like this unless I knew this system would change your life—dramatically.

That's $9.95 (after my "Show Me Debt to Wealth rebate" – Included with a 365 100% money-back guarantee!

You have a perfect win/win situation here: If you buy my Debt To Wealth® program and start eliminating your debts and building your wealth you can obviously save and earn thousands of dollars. But if you buy the products and decide it doesn't work for you, you're no further behind – your purchase is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Even without the 100% guarantee, look at what you are getting:

4 Downloadable Books, PLUS the BONUS Book, PLUS the Sound Track. All of which, if used together, include a Step-By-Step process that walks you and your family through a series of needed adjustments that will bring you financial security, peace of mind, and a sense of self worth that can not be purchased with money.

Yes, I will take all the risk on myself so you will take action to live the life you deserve. Crazy?...Yes. Do I believe in my work?...Yes. Will this change your life...Yes,I deeply believe you will bless this day you took control of your financial potential. That day is today.

I believe in you.

Let's take this step together.

Register to receive the Debt To Wealth program and learn how to completely eliminate your debt.
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John Cummuta
Author of Debt To Wealth®

P.S. (On a very personal note)

I remember when I received my first letter from a struggling couple who were deep in debt and considering divorce. Their decision to "come together" one more time and give my program an honest try was a last ditch effort to save their marriage and even their children's future. You can't imagine how wonderful it's been to keep in contact with them over the years and watch them follow the steps in my program and finally get out of debt. Their financial situation is now rock solid and their marriage is better than ever.

I certainly wouldn't take credit for saving their marriage—because they did the work. Nor would I suggest that you wait until you're DEEP in debt before you take action or that my program is necessarily the best program for every person and every circumstance. But, if you have felt the strains of debt in your marriage or your family to ANY degree, I am pleading with you to not let it go any further.

Know this: if you decide to join me, I will be with you every step of the way.

Thank you so much for your time!